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New Trends: Co-Branded Credit Cards

August 25, 2011, by CreditCardsLab

More credit card companies are teaming with retailers for co-branded credit card offers. Visa, United Airlines and American Express are just a few of the companies.

As Spending Habits Change, So Do Funding Sources

June 16, 2011, by Jon Dell

The prepaid credit card is drawing in more traditional bank customers than ever before. Here’s why.

Your Retirement and Credit Card Choices

June 9, 2011, by Antonio Bard

Ready to retire? Choosing the right credit card for your changing needs is important. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

The NetSpend Visa Prepaid Debit Card

May 24, 2011, by Beth May

Looking for a prepaid Visa that sets itself apart from others? Consider the NetSpend Visa prepaid debit card.

Long Term Effects of How You Spend Your Tax Refund

April 21, 2011, by Antonio Bard

Already spent that tax refund ten times in your mind? Before you load that online shopping cart, we have a few ideas you might want to consider.

10 Advantages Of Using A Credit Card

December 4, 2010, by Beth May

Any method of payment and regular outgoings are best managed by using credit cards. Some offer low rates to make the corresponding banks more appealing to customers, while some offer bonuses and incentives to lure their customers to their plan.

Granite Secured MasterCard Review

November 11, 2010, by CreditCardsLab

If you apply for the Granite secured MasterCard then you will really be able to keep your credit future stable. The card has a major advantage in that you can get a credit report on your card per month.

Why Consolidate Your Credit Cards?

July 22, 2010, by Beth May

Consolidating your credit cards does much more than pool your money into a single, convenient account. It also provides more personal financial freedom and opportunity to save, which gives you the option of whether or not you want to pay down your balance sooner. Consolidation could get you away from debt altogether in due time.