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As Spending Habits Change, So Do Funding Sources

June 16, 2011, by Jon Dell

The prepaid credit card is drawing in more traditional bank customers than ever before. Here’s why.

Why Discover’s Good News is Your Good News

March 22, 2011, by Evita Page

Discover is reporting increased profits and this might be good news for consumers and Discover credit card holders, too.

Credit Card Usage Fears?

March 3, 2011, by Antonio Bard

The recession’s over, right? Then why are there fears we’re falling into old spending patterns? It’s the new and unexpected dynamics many consumers aren’t considering.

A Look Back at the History of the Credit Card

March 1, 2011, by Evita Page

Ever wondered how credit became the currency of choice? Credit cards weren’t always around and the convenience and freedoms associated with them weren’t either. In fact, it’s only been the past four decades that credit cards became a feasible option for many.

New Financial Reform – Less Choice For Customers

November 19, 2010, by Antonio Bard

Customers will and are feeling the tightening of bank lending, and credit availability. The US Government will need to make cuts in order to increase customer spending, as printing money cannot solve debt crises. Customer spending needs to increase to stimulate private sector retail again.

Getting The Most From Your Credit Card

October 16, 2010, by Antonio Bard

Credit cards make life easy and convenient for one and all. They particularly relieve you from the headache of carrying hard cash for purchasing and make shopping online an easy and convenient task. However, apart from making shopping convenient, credit cards also offer a number of other benefits, that most of us fail to utilize. The tips given here will help you get the most out of your credit cards.

Top 10 Benefits to Having a Prepaid Card

October 13, 2010, by Jon Dell

Financial institutions can barrage you with information and offers for prepaid cards and credit cards and sometimes it becomes overwhelming. Many people don’t even know what the difference between the two cards is…

C.A.R.D. Act May Save Teens’ Credit Scores

August 16, 2010, by Beth May

The following passage is meant to help consumers learn about prepaid credit cards. It contains information about the new CARD Act that came into play in 2009 and is now in full force in 2010. Readers will be able to see how the CARD Act will change the way people under 21 build and maintain new credit, as well as how it decreases the ways of doing so.