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Justin Bieber Prepaid Debit – Fail

June 4, 2013, by Jon Dell

Would you take financial advice from a kid who’s not even old enough to own a credit card? If you’re a “belieber”, you might. SpendSmart is hoping the nation is full of Justin Bieber fans. Fortunately for the country, it’s not.

Will Your Citi AAdvantage Program Be Good Tomorrow?

May 28, 2013, by Evita Page

Will all of those frequent flier miles be good when you’re ready for your vacation? Most likely they will, but if you’re tired of the uncertainties with the airline bankruptcy, here are some other co-branded credit card offers.

A Mission Statement for Your Finances? Absolutely!

April 10, 2013, by Beth May

A mission statement for your personal finances? Of course – and include the kids. It’s never too early to begin educating them.

More Big Name Identities Hacked

March 13, 2013, by Antonio Bard

Celebrities found out that a group had hijacked names and social security numbers and then promptly made them public. Today, First Lady Obama is the latest victim of identity theft.

New FTC Report Reveals Mobile Payment Growth

March 11, 2013, by Jon Dell

Within 2 years, we’ll be using our smartphones to pay for goods and services. Huge potential means huge transitions.

Mom and Dad Go Broke for Ungrateful Kids?

December 26, 2012, by Jon Dell

Oh the little darlings and their parents willing to take on credit card debt to ensure they receive their heart’s desires over the holidays. What happens when they take to Twitter to express their ungrateful sides?

Looking for Starbucks Gift Cards? Don’t Go to Starbucks

December 6, 2012, by Evita Page

Oh, Starbucks…first it was the $7 cup of joe and now a $450 gift card that values only $400.

Microeconomics and Money

December 5, 2012, by Jon Dell

Don’t underestimate the power of microeconomics and how they influence big banks, credit card companies and politicians.