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The year was 1986 and that year’s Super Bowl was well underway when the commercial began that introduced a new credit card in the United States. That credit card was the Discover card. The slogan two and a half decades ago was “Dawn of Discover.” The credit card industry has never been the same. This week, we take a look at the family of Discover credit cards, including its reward credit cards and its student credit cards. The goal is to highlight those distinctions that set this network apart.

The Rewards Cards

Discover credit cards actually have several rewards card offers, each with its own benefits. If it’s a travel rewards credit card you’re looking for, the Escape by Discover card is one worthy of your consideration.

First, you’ll enjoy a 0% APR for six months, followed by a competitive rate between 10.99% and 16.99%. You’ll earn 25,000 bonus miles – this equates to one thousand miles each month you use your Discover card in the first twenty-five months of your account. Also, with two miles applied to your account for every dollar you spend, you can quickly accumulate those miles that ensure you take a vacation this year.

The Discover More is another rewards credit card. One of its bigger draws is the fifteen months you’ll have to enjoy the intro 0% APR. It’s also a cash back rewards credit card. And, in categories such as groceries, home improvement, gas and travel, you’ll earn 5% cash back. No annual fee makes this the right choice for many.

Speaking of cash back credit cards, for those looking for credit cards and who have exceptional credit, the Discover Motiva rewards your self-discipline. It’s ranked number 1 in customer loyalty and the famous $0 fraud liability lets you move forward with confidence. No annual fees, no additional card fee and no fees when you redeem your rewards come together to define this offer. Keep in mind, however, this offer requires an exceptional credit rating. If you’re concerned you wouldn’t qualify, there are other Discover cards for those with varying degrees of creditworthiness.

The Discover Student Cards

The Discover network has really made great strides in its efforts of educating high school and college students. One way it helps parents is by offering the Discover student cards. They’re stylish and designed to ensure your teens have not only a back up plan for the unexpected expenses when they’re away from you, but also a strong financial tool that will help them make good choices when it comes to money. Be sure to review the Discover Student Clear Card.

Discover Prepaid Credit Cards

It’s no secret that the credit card industry has redirected its collective energies to the prepaid credit card sector. These are the “currency” of choice for many Americans, especially those who might have struggled in the recent economic times and who are looking for ways to improve their credit scores. The Discover Network meets that challenge with its own handsome prepaid cards.

The nFinanSe Discover Prepaid card is free and card approval is guaranteed. Your credit line is based on your deposits. No worries about NSF fees since you can’t spend more than what’s available on your credit card. Not only that, but when you make your first $50 deposit, Discover applies a $5 credit as its thank you for choosing their network.

You can have your paycheck or government checks direct deposited at no cost and you’ll also appreciate the 24 hour customer service team, especially if you’re traveling and run into any problems. Pull cash out when you need it, shop online or pay bills online – safely and easily. No credit checks wrap up this offer. This is a highly ranked prepaid credit card, too.

These are just a few of the many credit cards that define the Discover Network. You’re sure to find the right fit for your specific credit needs.

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Do not ever transfer a balance to this card. If you do, you will not pay any interest on it if is 0%; however, you will be forced to pay interest on all your purchases from the date of purchase because you are carrying a balance over with your balance transfer. Had I known this, I would have never transferred my balance from a card that was not charging me any interest.

Comment by Mary L — July 5, 2011

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