The Discover More Credit Card

The Discover More Credit Card has a lot more going on than it’s sharp design (it’s clear and customers can further customize the images). Here, we take a look at the many advantages and a few of the reasons this is a credit card worthy of your consideration.

The Benefits

It’s likely the absence of an annual fee you’ll first notice, though you’ll also be happy to learn about the 0% intro APR for 12 months. Further, Discover offers a cashback bonus program, including 5% on purchases on everything from travel to groceries to home improvement and anything not included in that list you’ll receive 1% cashback. Another interesting aspect associated with the Discover credit card is that members can use their cashback to purchase gift cards or to give to charity.

The Discover site also has a impressive virtual store where cardholders can use their cash back to purchase from Cabelas, Clinique, Eddie Bauer and Godiva – along with more than 100 other brands you’re already familiar with and likely use. There are no limits on the cashback program and as long as you use your Discover credit card once every 36 months, you don’t have to worry about expiration dates. The benefits, including some not listed here, make this a great choice for many consumers.

After your promo APR ends, it can be as low as 11.99% up to 22.99%. Want to transfer a balance from another credit card? No problem, just pay a 4% transfer fee. The benefits also include auto rental insurance, travel insurance and zero liability fraud and security protection services.

Potential Drawbacks

If you don’t have excellent credit, there’s a good chance you won’t qualify for the Discover More card. And while there’s no annual fee, keep in mind you’ll pay $39 if you go over your limit or if you make a late payment.

The finance charges are calculated using what’s called the “Two Cycles Average Daily Balance” versus the more traditional “Average Daily Balance.” This is especially important since it can result in higher charges for those who routinely carry balances from month to month.

Measuring Up

You might be wondering how the Discover More credit card stacks up against other Discover products. While many of Discover’s products are comparable, there are considerations when considering one credit card over another. For instance, the Discover Miles Card offers travel miles to the tune of 1 mile per ever $1 charged on the card. Unlike the Discover More credit card, the Miles card has no overlimit fee. Miles don’t expire and there are no limits on how many you can earn. It too has no annual fees.

The Discover Escape Credit Card has a $60 annual fee and an intro APR of 0% for six months. The credit history requirements are a bit relaxed when compared with the Discover More card, though you’ll pay the same $39 late or overlimit fees. It’s a mileage card, so it’s a good choice for those who like to travel. In fact, you earn 2 miles for every dollar spent. No worries about restrictions or blackout dates on airlines and the points don’t expire.

Finally, you should know the Discover More Card is also available in biodegradable plastic. It breaks down 99% after five years in landfill conditions. It leaves no toxins behind. Like its more traditional sibling, the Discover biodegradable offers the same benefits, including no annual fee and a 0% intro rate. The one big difference is the rate on this card is 6 months, unlike the Discover More Clear Credit Card which, of course, is good for 12 months.

Discover Bank has always been a great choice for consumers and if you’ve not become a Discover customer, now just might be the right time with the perks any of these credit cards offer. Compare the offers and decide which ones would be most beneficial to your lifestyle. Always read the fine print before you apply so there are no surprises.

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