The iBank UPside Visa Prepaid Debit Card

The adjectives “young” and “hip” aren’t ones we’d ordinarily use to describe a credit card, but in the case of the iBank UPside Prepaid Debit Visa Card, those two words certainly come to mind.

If you haven’t heard of this card, you will. It’s actually doing a great job of resting nicely somewhere between a traditional checking account and the classic credit card, but it’s designed with a sense of responsibility targeted towards today’s younger generation.

True Balance

First, the balance that’s reflected in the user’s virtual account page is accurate. This is important, especially for those who can sometimes get tripped up with what’s actually there and what their balance reflects.

Because the iBank card offers the opportunity to send checks, the credit card company wanted to to take it a step further and ensure the balance was always accurate, so anytime someone requests a paper check be sent, the amount is deducted immediately from the account. This eliminates returned check fees for users, too.

Direct Deposit

This card also offers direct deposit from employers at no cost. Not only that, but this appears to be a great solution for college kids away from home too. Because parents can go online with their banks and immediately send funds to their college student’s iBank account, the money for the pizza is there by the time the delivery guy is knocking on the door. Also, other iBank users can transfer money to a friend’s account easily and safely.

Cells and SmartPhones

For those who use prepaid cell phones, iBank has teamed with companies like T Mobile, ATT and Verizon. This eliminates going into a store to purchase minutes cards; users can simply transfer money from their Visa card to their cell carrier in seconds. This has proven one of the card’s biggest benefits and is used by a majority of its customers.

Virtual Checkbook

As mentioned above, users can request traditional checks be sent to anyone in the world. The bank has made it easy to do this, too. An 800 phone number or a visit to the website with the details is all it takes to get those wheels in motion. The money is deducted instantly and this service is provided at no cost to customers. This also eliminates the frustrations many people have with checking accounts, such as keeping it balanced or overdraft fees when they forget to record an ATM withdrawal. The site’s “Virtual Checkbook” is easy to use, too.

Facebook Access

Finally, this card offers a feature that’s relatively new in the credit card business: instant access from one’s Facebook page. Users can install the widget and view their balance instantly from their Facebook page. The widget also gives users access to the most recent transactions and the ability to move funds within seconds.

This is one more way the card is proving it’s the right card for teens and college students. That said, anyone may apply, of course. There are no credit checks and if you deposit $500 or more per month, the monthly fee is only .99 cents. For those who don’t make deposits that total $500 in a month’s time, you still only pay $2.99 per month. It’s an attractive offer all the way around.

Rewards Points

For those who like reward points, you’re in luck. This credit card offers it. When you activate your card, you automatically receive 500 points and then another 1000 points with your first direct deposit load. Cash back points are applied with every dollar spent and points are redeemed easily and can even be applied as cash to your iBank card. Macy’s, The Gap and iTunes are just a few of the retailers who are now on board with this new way of using credit.

Email alerts, mobile access and the ability to apply within minutes make this a great card to have. For those who are all about individuality, you’ll discover the opportunity to choose your own credit card design when you apply. This Visa prepaid card is quickly becoming the card to have.

The buzz is there and now with more people applying and receiving their cards, it just could be the new way to bank in the United States. For more information on the iBank UPside Prepaid Visa, visit the site at

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