Visa and MasterCard Announce Growth

Regardless of whether you’re a Visa or MasterCard fan, there’s good news coming from both camps. MasterCard reported an earnings growth of 25% while its fiercest competitor, Visa, reported a 30% growth. Improved consumer relations is partly responsible for the growth of both networks. Of course, the efforts to bring in new customers with great benefits and perks isn’t hurting either.

From extended intro APR rates to quarterly savings in an ever-widening selection of retailers, services and even fuel services, the great lure is on and the stakes are high. With both companies having much to celebrate, we thought this would be a good time to explore a few offers from both credit card networks. If you’ve been shopping for the best credit card for your needs, odds are, you’ll find it in our list below.

Chase Slate

If you appreciate a lot of introductory perks, the Chase Slate card is one offer you’ll definitely want to consider. This Visa credit card offers a 0% APR for up to 15 months for both purchases and balance transfers.

Not only that, but if you transfer balances during the first month of opening your account, you’ll be able to save the fees, which is a percentage of the balance you transfer. After the intro rate expires, your interest rate can fall as low as 11.99% and up to 21.99%, based on your credit history. The Slate Blueprint network allows you to pay down your balances faster, thereby saving money on interest fees. Don’t forget the Chase shopping network. Here you’ll discover deep discounts on items you’re shopping for anyway.

Visa Black Card

For those who like cash back, the Visa Black Card is a good choice. There are many perks when you choose this credit card, including an exclusive rewards program, 24 hour concierge service, travel lounge priority pass in participating airports, no blackouts and no restrictions. The 1% cash back is definitely an incentive for many and currently, there’s a special offer that includes an intro 0% APR.

The patent pending carbon card lets the world know you’re doing your part for the environment and the solid black design with gray lettering has a certain refinement to it. There is a $495 annual fee associated with the Visa Black Card, though this hasn’t prevented many with high credit scores from carrying this prestigious credit card.

Facecard MasterCard

The Facecard MasterCard offers everything most parents are looking for. It’s a safe way for your teens and college students to not only learn the responsibilities associated with credit, but for those students who have jobs, they can have their payroll direct deposited at no cost, thereby eliminating concerns over getting the bank on time. Also, card holders can transfer funds to other card holders without being saddled with any fees. The application fee is just $5 and the minimum required for opening the account is $10.

Continental Airlines OnePass

The pairing of Continental Airlines and MasterCard not only has several unexpected perks, but is has certainly become a popular choices for those who travel often. The $95 annual fee is waived the first year, which is a new perk that’s being offered. Card holders will enjoy priority boarding privileges on both Continental and United flights. Frustrated by the ever-growing baggage fees? Your first bag is checked at no cost when you board either of these two airlines. This can easily save you $50 per flight.

Plus, you’ll earn 2 miles for every dollar you spend on purchasing your airline tickets, too. All other purchases earn a point per dollar spent. You’ll need excellent credit to qualify for approval, though the APR is impressive. No worries about your points expiring before you can use them, either. There are no limits in terms of how many you can earn and they never expire. Finally, you’ll enjoy two annual travel discount certificates, making visiting family and friends that much more affordable.

Capital One Classic Platinum

This Mastercard offers a 0% APR on all purchases through February 2013 along with plenty of benefits and perks that are sure to serve as a definitive incentive. Easily personalize your card with your own uploaded images, too. No worries if your card is lost or stolen as Capital One offers $0 fraud liability and you’ll also enjoy extended warranties when you use your Capital One MasterCard. Other benefits include 24 hour roadside assistance, 24 hour customer support and a low annual fee of just $39. The APR range is 17.9% – 22.90% after your intro APR expires.

These are just a few of the many credit card offers from both Visa and MasterCard; in fact, there are so many, you can easily afford to shop around to ensure you’re choosing the best card for you and your family. Be sure to explore the terms and conditions and carefully weigh any perks against your lifestyle.

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