What is Original Rush Prepaid Card?

The first thing that you will notice about the Original Rush Card Plus is that there is no concept of having any debt. Unlike most other debit cards that you would find in the market, a lot of your hard earned money is known to be tied up with one particular card. This is not the case with original rush card plus. The great thing about this prepaid debit card is that you only have a particular amount of money in the card that you have initially transferred yourself. This in result ensures more financial security as not all your money is tied up in one card. Seeing as more of us have become use to shopping online, there are chances of being exposed to online debit card fraud. Using this card ensures that you will be protected as your loss would be limited to the amount you have transferred.

Another thing that you would notice at first glance of this card is that it is Visa certified. What that means is that this card can practically be used anywhere in the world where visa is accepted. Knowing that it is well known and recognized, you will not have trouble in using this card.

Rush Card Benefits – A Closer Look

There are number of different benefits that you can expect to find with the original rush card plus. For starters, there are no hidden or monthly costs what so ever. Most cards online that are similar to prepaid rush cards; usually require their customers to pay a monthly charge. This however is not the case with original rush card plus. The only amount that you would have to pay initially would be the activation fee which is close to nothing as it is. Now you may be asking yourself as to how will one be able to transfer money to their rush card account. Rush card have provided a number of means through which this can be achieved. There are five ways in total which include direct deposit, cash depost, Paypal, check or money order and bank transfer. These basically cover every possible way through which a person can transfer money into their rush card account. Seeing as these options are widely used, it makes this card universally useable.

Being based in the US, I’m sure you all have to go through applying for tax returns on a yearly basis. The great thing about the original rush card plus is that you can expect to get your tax refunds paid directly to your rush card accounts two weeks earlier than you would normally receive them. Seeing as online banking has become a common phenomena in the current financial industry, a similar service is also offered by rush card members. They provide access to an online management account which allows you to keep track of your payments and other expenses quite easily. You can easily log in to your account through their website and have a look at your invoices rather than having to wait for the bank to send them to you on a monthly basis. Their online management system also offers some free technical tools that make it much easier for you to track your money.

Where and How to Apply?

If you are planning to apply for the original rush card plus, the best place to start off with would be online. You can simply visit their online website at Rush Cards where you can expect to find all the information that you need. All the details in relation to the card it self can easily be found on their site. The only way to apply at the moment is through their website. Once you have logged in, you can simply go to their sign up page where you will be asked to enter in your necessary details. After having done so, you should receive your card within a matter of weeks as long as all your details are entered correctly.

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You have got to be kidding me. I can’t believe the RUSH prepaid credit card charges $9.95 per month. Russell Simmons is supposed to helping us, not hurting us. We don’t have the money that he has. We can’t pay $9.95 a month! That is ridiculous!!!!

Comment by Karen Johnson — December 3, 2010

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